Leverage Student Voices to

Enhance Teaching and Learning Outcomes.

Get Feedback

Let students give you feedback in different ways.

Get insights

Collect and analyze attendance data and student feedback.


Make effective changes in the class based on the available information.

Boost student

Retention rates and success.

AtKlass puts students first and empowers them to have a voice, providing a direct channel to express their thoughts, feelings, and suggestions regarding the learning experience. In addition to enhancing student engagement and suggestions regarding the learning experience.

Empowering Real-Time Feedback

Students Rate, Comment, and React Live

AtKlass contains an anonymous feedback system that lets students rate each class and lecture. Real-time happy/sad reactions during lectures help professors adjust their teaching on the spot. In addition, anonymous comments allow students to express their concerns and opinions safely.

Streamline Attendance management

Real-Time Tracking, Smart Reporting & Insights​

Automatic attendance tracking via beacons, codes, IP verification, and GPS location simplifies data collection. Gain real-time insights into attendance trends with detailed reports for individual students, classes, and the entire school. This allows educators to address attendance issues proactively. Additionally, a comprehensive history of each student’s attendance is available for further analysis.

Upload the list of students or import from LMS.

Easily enter students through your CMS (D2L or Blackboard), there is no need to set a new password for each student.

Monitor attendance, get feedback and share content

Create classes and add students to each class. This is easy by uploading the student’s listing file.

Continuously improve the quality of your class

Now you can easily find out attendance of students, get them feedback, give them the content of the class, and so on.


3 steps

To a better class


Unique features

Integrated Lesson Planning with Whiteboard

Facilitates lesson planning with a digital whiteboard feature that allows professors to push content to students’ devices as they progress through session topics.


Student and Faculty Search

Provides a simple search function for accessing faculty schedules, overall ratings, and student attendance by entering partial IDs, names, or emails.

At-Risk Student Identification

Features premade reports to identify students missing a significant number of classes, enabling direct email communication to engage and support at-risk students.

Seamless Authentication with SSO

Simplifies the login process by integrating Single Sign-On (SSO), eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords and enhancing user convenience and security.

Push Notifications

Facilitates the sending of push notifications for various uses such as alerting students to late or cancelled classes, improving communication and timeliness.

Class Comparison

It allows users to compare different classes based on selected dates, helping to assess and improve course structures and teaching strategies.

LMS Integration

It allows the easy import of student lists from popular Course Management Systems (CMS) like Blackboard or D2L, streamlining class management and administrative tasks.

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